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Delhi Branch- Sigma Racks, based in New Delhi, is a distinguished provider of world-class racking and storing solutions designed to address the environmental challenges of modern workplaces. Our intelligent racking design goes beyond conventional approaches, optimizing resources, addressing critical issues, and reducing costs. We are dedicated to simplifying complexities and delivering innovative storage solutions that maximize available space and enhance functionality.

As professional retail and industrial rack manufacturers in New Delhi, we leverage our strengths to offer explicit and practical storage and display solutions. Clients gain a competitive advantage with our products designed to align with both current and future organizational goals. Renowned for robustness, durability, and customization, Sigma Racks is a respected name in the market. Our diverse product range, available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet our clients' unique needs.


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Why Choose Sigma?

Material Control

We procure only the best Quality of Raw Material directly from the Seller Company's warehouse.

Robotic Precision

We have world-class robotic powder coating plant in our premises, to achieve pristine quality finish of our products.

Constant R&D

Our in-house R&D team constantly evolves our product design to stay ahead of the market, and to make better and safer products.

Machinery Mastery

All the products are manufactured using various CNC Machines, to achieve precision in the cut and bends of the structures.

Service Network Prowess

We are proud to have the largest service network in the country for Supermarket Racks.

Unmatched Quality

All these efforts build up the products which are of unmatched and robust quality.

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